Born and raised in Hepworth, Ontario (population: 400), I still feel like a small-town girl at heart. But my passion for journalism and an indomitable zest for adventure has led me around the world. I first caught the news bug while working for my student newspaper at the University of Western Ontario. That experience inspired me to earn my Master's Degree in Journalism.

After graduating, I moved to Toronto where I earned my stripes at some of the most venerable newsrooms in the country. I honed my abilities to sniff out stories, conduct effective interviews, write sparkling copy, and doggedly pursue each story with passion and aggression. I've since taken those hard news skills to science reporting, where I've been lucky enough to carve out my own beats covering ecology, agriculture, conservation, and global health.

When I'm not working, I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I also sail, run, do cross-stitch, cook, and faithfully consume Canadian literary fiction.